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Im a big car girl for many reasons; 1. Just like shopper bags, they carry all the essentials, 2. Status teamed up with the illusion of power is guaranteed especially because I was in a power SUV and 3. You stand out , which is what I organically have become well known for ( standing out in my fashion choices that is not SUV’S  lol). The Ford Ecosport ticks off all these reasons making it easy to love, it may be a big car but its exterior carries a smoother less aggressive feel and so does it’s drive.

@SIMPLYPALESA6 The transition from my hatchback to this baby was an easy one, if not a more enjoyable one I didn’t want to give this baby back, it’s easy to navigate with everything you need exposed at close proximity allowing you to switch the temperature, music and gears with ease.My favourite feature has to be the syncing of my music and contacts .  To take it for a spin and prove my theories about big cars, I decided to play with the usual, a shopping trip followed by a session at the gym and some quick email sending in between ( the boot space came in handy ). It definitely proved that It’s spacious enough for me to quickly switch into my different outfits for the day and continue to add more after a guilty splurge. In essence, it’s an easy comfortable drive and perfect for storage. Did I mention that the sound  and heating systems in this car are amazing? After all the shopping and gym, the evenings were a little  chilly one but I surely was unaffected during the drive home. Thank you Ford! Now can we talk about me keeping this beauty?




PHOTOGRAPHY BY: @katlegomokubyane