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Its time for another look post and this post is all about the return of the tracksuit set, or should I say the “Bad Boujee instagram Baddie uniform” , well I can image you reading this post and saying ” whats new about the basic tracksuit” well let me try and explain this , as we all know fashion is all about reinvention and drawing from the old to make that new new. And this season the fashion spotlight has been put back on the tracksuit set and please ladies this is not the the opportunity to bring out our old Baby Phat and Phat farm embellished booty tracksuits.@SIMPLYPALESA 1

This throwback trend has gone from the perfect after gym lazy go to shopping outfit to something that can be worn out on a date and GOD forbid ( The fashion GODs that is ) I say to the office as well. as we saw on the catwalks of Chloe, Gucci, Vetements, and Burberry the tracksuit is back and this time is here to make a fancy stay in my closet. If you know me you would know I’m not one to really dress down, up until recently when my nine to five requires me to be on the road most  days so playing fancy dress has become more and more difficult, so you can see why I’m all about the return of this fashion classic. Im currently living in different track sets but this santa clause red set is my favourite see how I styled it for both work and date night ( with myself) with just changing the hoodie for a classic crisp white shirt. The faux fur stole was just the icing on this bad and hella Boujee outfit * cue in Migos”








PHOTOGRAPHY BY: @katlegomokubyane


Tracksuit Set/ H&M

Faux fur Stole/ ZARA

Box Bag/ @bagditta

Sunglasses / @Vantitylove

Hair / @sinahs_glam_hair

Heels/ Aldo (oldies)