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The journey to beautiful skin for me would start with getting rid of my pigmentation that  has been caused mainly by acne scarring (which I still occasionally suffer from). So when Eucerin approached me to join their 4 week EVEN BRIGHTER Serum challenge, I was all for it, because I’m in pursuit of that “even brighter-looking skin.

As we know pigmentation and complexion issues are the cause of most women’s skin woes. And I am no different, I actually enjoy make-up free days but I would love it if I didn’t have dark marks that force me to wear concealers.FullSizeRenderIf you take some time to read-up or try find remedies for pigmentation you quickly notice that it is one of the more difficult skin problems to fix. So Eucerin has come up with their new EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate that promises to reduce the appearance of dark marks and skin discoloration in 4 weeks of regular use. Before I tell you a little about the product, I will say that I wasn’t using the Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range before this challenge. I started off using the Serum in conjunction with another skincare range, but I switched to the whole Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range a week later.I wanted to see the full effect of using the serums with other Eucerin products, and I’m slowly seeing the results.20170514_132614

20170514_132157ABOUT THE PRODUCT

The Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER Serum Concentrate is made up of 6 ampules (1 ampule should last you about a week) that should be applied to the affected areas of your face twice a day (before your day cream and night cream).  The Serum’s formula prevents “excessive melanin” production while reducing the appearance of dark marks, the formula also stimulates the repair of skin damage which prevents further premature aging. The retail selling price for the new Serum is R499.99 for 6 X 5mls, on shelves in selected Dis-Chem & Clicks stores.FullSizeRender_3I am super excited to put this product to the test and share my results with you guys, so if any of you suffer from pigmentation or skin discoloration join me on this journey and let’s share our experiences.  Next week I will be sharing my daily skincare routine using the whole Eucerin EVEN BRIGHTER range including the Serum, of course.  I will also share some results from my first week of using the products.FullSizeRender


  • Hi.. I’ve been suffering from hormonal acne and blemish scarring for some reason lately. My dermatologist prescribed I try out Eucerin products, but was reluctant (cause I’m stuck in my ways). Definitely try them out after this read.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Miss Kondi , please please try it you wont regret it because i was starting to feel like i was suffering from adult acne until I listened to my Dermatologist and tried it out and I am actually zoo happy now.
      Also check out my latest blog post I have a little Eucerin Giveaway. 😉

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