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While putting together this look two things came to mind, the importance of personal style and the main reason why I started posting on instagram and eventually starting this blog. Now I know you are thinking what do those two things have to do with this outfit right? Well lets take it back to when I first started posting on instagram it was just all fun and games and all about the 3-way OOTD posts ( don’t act like thats not how your page was set-up before we all started curating the gram).

Palesa Mhlaba - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography-7

Palesa Mhlaba - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography-11Palesa Mhlaba - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography-8I digress back to my point when instagram was new most of us had no references to what a good feed looked like nor did we care what people thought about our posts, we posted what we wanted when we wanted, but fastfaward a few years into the game it seems more important to have a feed thats well curated than a random one and I will be the first to say I myself fall into this group of curated posters. With that being said , with the growth of audience on both my instagram and blog, I sometimes find myself question my fashion choices thinking of what people will say or think of the particular look, or content that i put on instagram,  will they understand it? will they like it ? Whattime should I post it and and and, and at times I find myself watering down my style because well I want people to relate to what I am posting (don’t get me wrong its very important to cater to your audience but its also very important that your audience grows with you because this is a journey ). If you’ve been following me over the years you will know that my personal style is less cookie Cutter but more like a fashion carnival,  that you can’t really box into one category and I like that about my style. So The long short of this post is that going forward I am going to post looks that truly show my personal style and worry less about my style fitting into any mould set by the gram or society. So here’s to some exciting authentically @SimplyPalesa style posts lol.


Palesa Mhlaba - © Jerri Mokgofe Photography-12 WRITTEN BY: PALESA MAHLABA


  • Hi Palesa. I’ve been following you for quiet some time now and I agree with you, your style has evolved with the years. You always bring fresh content with a twist here and there and that’s the beauty about style in that it speaks a lot about a person without them having to say a word.

    • Wow thank you for the kind words and also taking time to read my posts as it actually means a lot to me.I hope you are still enjoying all the content that Ive been putting up lately . Stay fab 😉

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