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IMG_8516Wow I think this might be one of the most personal blog posts I’ve ever had to write apart from the time I had to write an article about my hair lose/ natural hair journey in a magazine. This post was inspired by being part of the Revlon #LoveSquad last year where I got to work with some amazing local Beaty and fashion bloggers sharing make up secrets and hacks , but more interesting than  the makeup tips ( if there can ever be anything better than sharing makeup tips ? )we got to share our love stage stories and journey’s. Some of the ladies  were newly weds, some had been married for a while , some were in happy relationships and well then some like myself were and are still very single ( so there was really no sharing from me lol).

IMG_8760So I’m guessing you’ve figured what this post is about if not let me lay it down to you, to wrap up our #LoveSquad duties were we asked to write a post about what love stage we were in currently. My current stage is the singleton love stage. The timing for this post is very fitting seeing as we are coming to the end of the one month single women and some men dread  FEBRUARY / VALENTI-UARY.I’ve been happily single for quiet some time now,I wont give the number of years in fear of sounding like the old lady who lived in a shoe with her shoes, I’m not a cat person so shoes it is. People around me sometimes find it hard to believe that I am actually happily single and not actively looking for a relationship, so when it comes to family gatherings and social meetings I’m always asked the question why are you still single you are such a great catch ( I’m really not sure what that means anymore ) ,or I hear that don’t worry enjoy you time being single because once Prince charming comes and sweeps you off your feet you will miss the freedom of being single, the annoying of the statements has to be  “We have to fix this you can’t be single” (like what is that even supposed to mean? , it’s as if being single makes you a weirdo or a special case of some sort).

IMG_8803We live in a society that at times can make you feel bad/sad for being single and we are promised to be saved by a Disney character (Prince Charming)and we taught that when it happens thats what  love is. Don’t get me wrong I would love to someday meet someone fall in love and share my life with, but in the meantime I refuse to settle or even mope around and dwell on the fact that I’m single ,  I cant dismiss how full of love my life is, I have a family and a small circle of friends that loves me unconditionally (no make-up, no wig , no filter kinda love), I have a Job that I love , I run my little online empire which fills me with joy and love seeing it’s growth. So to be fair between, work, family, friends and my blog my life is filled with things and people that show me love and occupy my free time ( Maybe I keep busy to avoid mopping around about being single and if that’s the case I’m pretty happy with it).


IMG_8623You probably wondering when does this post get to the juicy bits about me being hurt in previous relationships that I swore of men and relationships! Right? Sorry to burst that bubble because I was not hurt or betrayed by love, I’m actually a hopeless Romentic who just happens to be toooo much of a realist for her own fairytales to take off . I want to fall madley and deeply in-love someday but a few years ago after getting out of a relationship I decided to go on a joureney of  self discovery, building a strong relationship with myself, learning to love myself and become more comfortable in my own skin before I can get into a relationship and give off the same to someone else. The realist in me wants to meet a man who has gone through the same journey themselves (On some EAT, PRAY LOVE vibes). But Romantic me wants to be swept away on romantic dates everyday and not have a care in the world , but the realist in me wants to know every detail about why I’m getting swept away , where are we going , why are we going there etc , and it’s always an internal battle and usually the boring realist in me takes over, and over analysis everthing and comes to a conclusion that this might be a bad idea and  influences the romantic side into thinking the same and and at that point the  romantic/fairytale me won’t even give in and try something new.

But in 2017 I’m working towards letting the romantic me take the wheel of L.O.V.E. So friends and family set up those blind dates I’ve refused to go on for the longest time.  This is the year I choose romantic Love, while enjoying love from family, friends, work and play. #CHOOSELOVE





SHOES/  Azzedine Alaïa


HAIR / @sinahs_glam_hair (Instagram)

*Post in collaboration with REVLON #LoveSquadSA *

WRITTEN BY: Palesa Mahlaba
PHOTOGRAPHY: @72Photography visit their site



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