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So we are just a few days into spring and the harsh results of winter are showing on our skin. Luckily for me I started using the New Vaseline intensive care Cocoa glow lotion at the beginning of winter and it prevented my skin from drying up and looking dull throughout winter. So for me a girl who grew up using the trusted the original Vaseline blue seal ( The original wonder jelly) transitioning to the coca glow lotion was easy because I was keeping it in the family so to speak.


Before using the Vaseline intensive care Cocoa glow lotion my skin would easily go from moisturised in the morning and dry and ashy by the time I stepped out the car at work, so I was searching for something to restore my dull skin but I also didn’t want my skin to look overly oiled cause lets be honest no one wants oily skin that looks like it will catch any speck of dust.
After using the coca glow for a day the difference in the appearance of my skin was hard to miss, my legs for one never got ashy even on days where I would wear stockings and get home thinking they would have that ashy look ( ladies you know what I’m talking about right). So now that spring is here I’m sticking with my cocoa glow lotion to match my all season Jlo glow.

IMG_8803If you want to find out more about the New Vaseline intensive care Cocoa glow lotion head on over to


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